Monday, February 14, 2011


menulis tu  macam satu pelarian.. pen y berlari  mencatatkan ape y ada dlm isi hati seorg penulis... berlari sehingga menuju ke satu perhentian y dpanggil  noktah... haishhh.. ntah pe r ak mngarut hr nie... hahahha.. nie y ad kt dlm kpla otk ak skang... so tulis je r..
hari  nie 15 february 2011... my luvly mama's birthday... happy birthday ma.. huhu..  i wish i can hug her rite now..xoxo..  n ucpkan slmat hr jd kt dy.. she's everything to me...seriously, when i think about her.. all of my sadness slipped away... far far away from me.. how great a mother's love is... n mmg tu r setiap anak2 rs kt ibu diorg kn..?? hihihi.. o_0  i have my mama, my family n my friends.. it makes me feel like i dun even need a boyfriend at all..! yup, i do hve one.. before.. but did i treat him as a real one..?? hah3..! obviously.. it looks like i played wif ppl's just sumthing ridiculous.. sumthing like puppy lavvv.. hhaahah,, !! .bcoz i'm not ready for it at all..  kdg2 rase bsalah pumm ade gak bile pk blk y ak ni pnah kaple.. even pnah ad rase syg kt org len  slain dr my mama, family n friends.. very2 immature of me.. lol.. huhuo_0hh. 
honestly, everyone who knows me...please forgive all of my wrongdoings towards u guys... hahahah.. mcm hari raye r plak.. 0_o  bcuz dlm hidup nii kna slalu bringat.. wukeyhh..?? hhahaha.. then Selamat Menyambut Hari Maulidur Rasul... 
...nie larhh pe y ak rase hari nie... muahhxx...! hihih..

Such a long way back, from the place i arrived.
When I think of all the time I've wasted, I could cry..*_*

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